What do the Almada Trumpet and FURNOR have in common?


The Almada Trumpet is trumpet like no other. FURNOR is one of the twelve Portuguese companies, from the filigree to the metallurgic sectors, which helped to create this instrument designed in Viana do Castelo.

It is possible to innovate in the world of musical instruments by bringing together the most advanced techniques and unusual finishes, very rare in this type of wind instrument. Furnor was involved in the development of the surface finish, one of the secrets of the sonority of this instrument.

The prototype of the trumpet in b flat – the most used and most common version – aims at showing the high quality of national manufacture, able to make high quality products within an extremely difficult area such as musical instruments.

To validate the creative process, the trumpet was tested by 25 different trumpeters from Portugal’s classical music and jazz worlds, such as Luis Granjo, from the Casa da Musica Symphonic Orchestra, Pedro Monteiro, from the Portuguese Symphonic Orchestra, João Moreira, professor in the Music High School of Lisbon and Antonio Silva, trumpeter and professor in the Professional School of Music of Viana do Castelo.

We look forward to new challenges...